Our Classes For You


Yoga (All Levels)

Our most popular class! This ever-evolving practice is for people who are ready to tap into their inner power: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It will not only dramatically strengthen and tone your body but it will open energetic channels to a calmer, peaceful spirit.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga balances the yin and yang aspect of ourselves, encourages the flow of prana, helps maintain the health of the connective tissues, and helps us develop a mindful meditation practice.

Yoga 101

Perfect for brand new students, as well as those looking for a refresher in the ideas and basic elements of the practice, Yoga 101 is a great opportunity for safe, guided movement, as well as space for questions and discussion. Classes will focus on basic movement and postures, body awareness and alignment, and how to begin to nurture a mind-body connection.

Yoga + Meditation

This class weaves together various elements of yoga, including asana, pranayama, mantra, and meditation to take students on a journey to experience the union of mind, body, and spirit. Class will begin with an asana practice and end with relaxation and a short meditation.

Intermediate Yoga

This ​75-minute ​class aims to help deepen and expand our practice. Each month will focus on a pinnacle pose and the lessons that pose brings us not just on the mat but in our life as well. We will also explore mudras and meditations. This is an intermediate​ to advanced level practice so yoga experience and a sense of humor is required.​

Kundalini Yoga

Boost your energy with yoga sets, mantra and meditation. This is a wonderful opportunity to cultivate  or deepen your practice and service all levels of your being. Each session will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. Accessible to all body types and ability.
sound bath

Sound Baths

Held the second Sunday of each month, these sessions begin with gentle stretching and mindful movements to help you effortlessly ease into a long meditative savasana.
Experience the movement of your breath while listening to the relaxing vibrations of the gong and/or crystal singing bowl and breathing in the fragrance of essential oils. Feel free to bring your favorite cozy blanket and anything else to help you sink into savasana.

Core Yoga

Core Yoga is wonderful way to build core strength and awareness. Experience your inner strength with a variety of core conditioning postures inspired by Pilates Mat and Kundalini Yoga. Use this class to enhance your current wellness routine or begin a new. Sessions end with stretching and relaxation.

Mindful Morning Yoga

This class will use gentle movements and pranayama to energize your body and mind for a peaceful and centered start to your day.
yoga nidra

Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra, also known as “yogic sleep”, is a deeply restorative sleep-based meditation technique that uses body and breath awareness to bring you into a state of deep relaxation. It is said that a 40 minute practice of yoga nidra is equivalent to three hours of restful sleep. Layered clothing, yoga blankets, and/or a pillow are recommended for optimal comfort during the practice.
{This class is held the first Tuesday of the month at 715pm.}

Reiki Restore

Students will hold traditional restorative yoga poses while receiving Reiki Therapy. Essential oils will be diffused to deepen the experience of healing and relaxation. Restorative Yoga helps to relieve the effects of stress by allowing the central nervous system to calm while the body is fully supported with props (bolsters, blankets, blocks etc), stimulating deep relaxation and a sense of restoring and renewing your mind, body, and spirit.


Originating in the Middle East, bellydance has spread across the globe; growing and evolving. This dance is a fun non-impact, wear-bearing exercise suitable for all ages and body types.
Most of all, bellydance is a fun, social way to exercise both body and mind – and take a break from every day stress. Students of bellydance often find they feel more self-confident, strong, flexible, and have an improved body image.  Each class includes gentle stretching and focuses on basic elements of the dance.
Appropriate both for beginners and those with past experience looking to refresh their skills.

Private Yoga Session:
New Students

Not sure where to begin with your community yoga practice? Why not try a private session to learn a bit more about the practice and how yoga can support your wellness needs! This session includes a tailored blend of postures, movement and meditation designed with your needs in mind.

Private Yoga Session:
Existing Students

Private sessions can serve those with various health concerns as well help a seasoned practitioner enhance their current practice. Receive quality instruction, alignment adjustments and a session designed to serve your needs. Each session includes a discussion regarding your dosha, specific postures for your needs, movement and meditation.